inCyyte Co-Founders

"We haven't re-invented the wheel,
we've just supercharged its spin."

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer

The inCyyte team

Our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees are amazing in their own right,
but together they are what makes inCyyte such a dynamic and rewarding place to work. 


Joanne Bown

Chief Finance Officer

Mike Goldwater

Media Director

Tracey Houlahan

HR & Operations Director

Frances Knight-Davis

Commercial Director

Ian George

Commercial Director

Tony Obadipe

Commercial Director

Lee Boynton

Commercial Director


Remi Oseni

Chief Technical Officer

Lisias Loback

Head of UI and UX

Warren Searle

User Interface Development

Sachin Jathar

Business Analyst

Ali Dogan

Back End Development

Paul Farinde

Quality Assurance Lead

Hafis Raji

Quality Assurance Testing

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