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Our buyer companies (called broadcasters) send regular e-surveys and multimedia posts directly to mobile devices and email addresses of their staff, clients and loyal customers.

These are captive audiences that are matched to your ad. We ensure there's a direct demand for your product or service so that there's a higher rate of conversion.

To illustrate, in a typical example:

A supplier of wholesale fish has an exclusive ad offer for their products. inCyyte's Ad Teaming system matches this supplier to a number of Associations for Hoteliers & Restauranteurs.

The associations use inCyyte to create simple e-surveys which are sent directly to their clients (hotel and restaurant chefs and buyer groups). The e-survey's content typically compliment or relate to your ad offer.

As chefs and buyers engage with the e-survey from this trusted source, your ad is displayed to them, fully endorsed by the association.

inCyyte guarantees a 100% ROI for engaging e-survey recipients. You are only charged for ad views or clicks.


inCyyte can distribute up to 48 billion targeted ads a year!

Effectively endorsed by the broadcaster, inCyyte ads out-perform other
digital media channels and help brands establish invaluable new
routes to market.

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