It's your world. BROADCAST!

Become a broadcaster &
earn through the power
of your network. 

Broadcasts or Surveys?

4 ways inCyyte can help your business without you spending a penny


What are inCyyte Broadcasts?

These are single questions with multimedia content sent by you
directly to the mobile devices of
your customers to gauge their
sentiment on business issues.  


When is it a Survey?

A broadcast becomes a survey when
it has more than 1 question. It can contain video, images or documents (such as vouchers) which you may want to share with your customers.


How does inCyyte help you earn significant revenue?

When you use inCyyte, you can earn substantial revenue from our collaboration scheme. Your customer lists and databases are always kept under your control. We have no means of compromising your data or sharing it with others.


How does inCyyte help you make business decisions?

Each time you use inCyyte we'll produce real-time analytical statistics on how your customers feel about the content you have shared with them.
We also allow you to re-engage with them based on their responses.


Get free real-time analytics

Send broadcasts and surveys to your customers and we'll get the most out of your data by transforming it into ‘Real-Time Customer Experience Intelligence’. inCyyte is completely free to use and provides you with the statistics needed to transform your business.   


Reach the unreachable

We'll help you mine your client database so that your broadcasts and surveys target your customers based on your chosen criteria: age, gender, location and after the survey you can engage with specific individuals with follow-up content.  

Access to the entire world's social network population.

Post your broadcast or surveys on websites or social network platforms to reach others outside your customer database and begin to build new customers from those who choose to engage.

Easy and simple to use.

We've designed things to be a easy as possible so you can literally set up a simple white-labelled, customised broadcast to send out to millions of people in just a matter of minutes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to go beyond all our expections in developing innovative and intelligent technology.

"We do this by creating smart NEW systems that help businesses to improve their customer relations, form effective synergies and collaborations with other companies with an aim to achieving significant revenues and better business outcomes."


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